Primal Friendly and Gluten Free Mini Cheesecakes!

Omn nom nom!
I have such a sweet tooth, it’s ridiculous. Despite my best
efforts to dive into the Primal Lifestyle, AND have to adapt to my new found
allergy to most glutens, satisfying my sweet tooth has become harder than I’d
like. I’m pretty much at the point where I’m eating chocolate chips right out of
the bags….oh wait! I’ve already done that. Several times.  I’ve actually had great results so far with my
new found love of the Primal Lifestyle, and since May have lost (and kept off!)
about 10 pounds! I’m really excited because I honestly did not have to spend
HOURS a week at the gym, did not do ridiculous workout’s that make me think my heart
could burst at any moment. In fact, I’ve learned to eat more bacon, and go on
more walks since this new change. Weird I know, but the focus of this lifestyle
is not being at the gym and exercising all the time, it’s actually FROWNED
Anyways, despite my best efforts to follow the recommended
Primal way of life, I just need my sweets. Now I try and space them out a
little at least, but with my new allergies to gluten, it’s not like I can whip
up a batch of cookies and call it a day. That is when I started getting
creative. And suddenly: CHEESECAKE!
I made a half a dozen mini cheesecakes with LEFTOVERS and
things I had already in my fridge. I was able to freeze them in little baggies
(so I don’t eat them all in one sitting of course!) and they are absolutely delicious!
My base recipe was from here. Though I did not use the
cookies, or the pie filling. I also changed the serving size down to 8, so all
you need is a pack of cream cheese (I made mine a little smaller, because I only
had ¾ a pack on hand!)
The crust was pretty
darn simple.
Ground up almonds in a food processor, a little melted butter,
and  a quick sprinkle of cinnamon. I
blind baked a muffin tin lined partially with muffin cups, and partially just well-greased.
I wanted to see which way I liked more. A mini cheesecake that was sort of
resembling a pie, with a crust up the edge (of the almonds) or in a little
muffin tin with the crust only on the bottom. Truthfully, they both were delicious.
So pretty much put your almond crust in your muffin tin
however you like it, let it bake/toast the crust (no need to really COOK it),
take it out, pour in the cheesecake batter, bake and enjoy!
Some fresh raspberries and blueberries make EXCELLENT
The Sparkle Queen

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