Pre-loved to Sparkly Jeweled Picture Frame!

Hello Darlings!

I don’t know about you ladies, but over time my crafting interests seem to have started to also double as a minor hoarding project. I feel so compelled to keep all of the extra bits and pieces that are left over from previous projects in the hopes that some other future project will need whatever it is I’m storing and saving. As part of my efforts to try and not start new projects that require a trip to the craft store, I went through my stashes and found things here and there that I had mostly forgotten that I had.

Some of my findings included a container full of different sized faceted acrylic jewels which are oh so shiny. I also found some leftover spray paint from my glow in the dark galaxy themed bar and bookshelf. I also found a frame that I had picked up from Goodwill ages ago, that had probably never been used, but had lots of scratches and dents. It still had its little $1.99 tag on it.  I hate when I do that.

After spending an enormous time going through piles of things I thought were long gone, this is my outcome:

I am debating if I want to continue using this as a picture frame, or if I want to take this one step further.  While I was digging through my piles, I came across a spool of black shiny ribbon that is probably an inch or so wide. In my head I am going back and forth about if I should run that ribbon across the back of the frame in spaced out rows, instead of putting glass in, and use it to hang earrings and other light jewelry.

Here’s a picture that you can see some of the initial frame damages that were scattered throughout the surface. I tried to cover up as many as I could with the jewels.

I gave it a once over of black spray paint that I had on hand, followed by a diagonal coating a shimmery gold-ish metal. Thankfully some of the scratches and dents got filled in during the spray painting!

The next step was adding the jewels! Lord knows I love my shiny things, but oh my, trying to put on some of those littlest jewels was a lot of work! I think it’s worth it:

As I was taking the pictures, our cat seemed most interested in why I was in her little sunning area, and I could not get her to stay out of the way for the life of me, so I figured I’d share:

Her first inspection of my creation:

The infamous “why aren’t you petting me right now” look:

“Ok, I give up, I’m just going to lay here and be in the way since you won’t pet me” look:

I hope you enjoyed looking at my most recent creation! I can wait to hear your feedback!

Do you think I should keep it as a picture frame (and most likely put some engagement photos in it) or turn it into a jewelry display?

The Sparkle Queen

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