Pinterestaholics, UNITE!

Hello Darlings!
I feel like I need to make a formal petition or request for
Pinterest. I would absolutely LOVE for them to implement a button or “contact
this user” that you could use to get in touch with my fellow Pinterestaholics.
Why you might ask?
I feel like maybe once a month or so, I stumble onto
someone’s page and end up pretty much repining, loving or admiring their pins
that I already have. It seems I too adore every pin, board, quote they have. On
several accounts I’ve stopped and said to myself “oh man, if this person lived
near me we would be the bestest of friends.” I mean there are people with the
same style (shiny) and priorities (shiny crafts) and hobbies (drinking and
making good food!) as me. And of course our
witty-charming-slightly-smart-ass-ness overlaps a little too!
I just want a way to reach out to people like that. Sure,
they could add a limit to the usage of the button which I shall call “your long
lost friend you never knew existed”. Or maybe “shiny crafter sister”.
Whichever.  Maybe a few times a month you
can use it? I’d be fine with once a month so spammers don’t bombard me.  But
wouldn’t that be awesome?

Have you ever found your “Pinterest twin”? Or am I the only
weird one?!
The Sparkle Queen

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  1. Oh yeah. I know JUST what you're talking about. In fact, you described what I did when I looked though your boardsLOL. Of course, the big difference is that I am old and the sexy outfits you pin are only a pipe dream for me. I have met a few Internet friends through the years and consider them all treasures. Not a single axe murderer among them, despite my husband's ominous warnings..

    1. Hahahaha you are too funny 🙂 I'm glad none of yours are crazy stalker-murderers! It always just AMAZES me when I find people that share such similar interests and thoughts on stuff. It's just so cool! I've got a little project on that I'm hoping to start up soon that I think you are going to LOVE! I'll get in touch when I'm starting it up 🙂

      Have a great week!

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