Pinterest Project: Frozen Herb Cubes!

Hello Darlings!
I have one of the easiest projects I think to circulate on
Pinterest to share with you today. It is the frozen herb cubes! If you have any
sort of porch or kitchen herb garden, this is ABSOLUTELY worth trying out!

 Pretty much, you take an ice cube tray, fresh herbs, and some water and BAMM, frozen ready to go seasoning combinations!

If you have a garden like mine,  you too may be unable to burn through the
amount of herbs you can grow at once. That is why I absolutely love so much.
I’ve made several batches thus far, some with straight basil, some with basil
and rosemary, and another blend of several herbs mixed with a little butter.
Let them freeze, pop them into a label baggie, and when you go to cook just
toss whatever you need in the pan! Personally, I like having some finely
chopped, some whole leaf cubs, and some mixed herb cubes for maximal usage (and
extreme laziness).
What herb combinations would you try?
The Sparkle Queen

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