Pinterest Boards Renovation – Completed!

Hello Darlings,

FINALLY I think I am able to say now that my boards on Pinterest are completely finished and resorted in a bigger and better way! I just love Pinterest because there is just an endless amount of inspiration and knowledge, all brought to visual people like myself, with PICTURES!!! Now I am up to 51 boards, with over 4,400 pins! Talk about inspiration overload!!

Here is the newest list of my new boards and changes:
  1. For The Home – Now features home décor, furnishings and what nots that I would love to have in my home someday! Lots of great ideas and inspiration pictures!
  2. This is why you’re fat… – still full of delicious foods, but foods that are more “treats” and not ideal for every day healthy living! I still want to eat each and every one of them though….
  3. Sexy Little Under Things – Not a lot of explaining necessary! Who doesn’t love wearing beautiful lingerie!?
  4. Challenge Accepted – A running list of all the challenges, mostly 30 day ones, that I’ve come across that interest me! I am in the process of forming a few for myself as we speak. More on that later.
  5. For Ze Kitteh – Pet inspired home furnishings and ideas!
  6. International Talk Like A Pirate Day – Self-explanatory, a Pirate themed board with great costume ideas too!
  7. Poolside Living – All things poolside living should include. Lots of beautiful custom pools and stunning furniture.
  8. If I must walk up the stairs… – Amazing staircases from all over the world!
  9. I could nap here… – Beautiful pictures of bedrooms and nap approved areas that I think just about anyone would enjoy, myself included!
  10. Bathrooms of Awesomeness – Awesome bathrooms! Plenty of inspiration for future DIY weekends!
  11. Beautiful Rooms – Rooms that are just too gorgeous not to keep a picture of!
  12. This little light of mine… – All things lighting.
  13. How to take pictures – I need this more than anyone! Any time I come by a how to for photography it goes here! Now only if I could memorize and apply all of the information….
  14. Storage Solutions – I’m the first to admit, I’m a bit of a packrat. It helps rationalize it if it’s all neat and organized though!
  15. For Future Reference – Lots of tid bits of good to know information.
  16. Add some sparkle to your look – all things sparkly and shiny accessories! As far as I’m concerned, its not “take one thing off before you leave”, its add 2 more bits of shiny somethings!
  17. Sneaky Sneaky… – I love hidden doors and entries! This is where I’ll be storing all my inspiration for my future house!
  18. Dress Up & Costumes! – The Halloween season is upon us! I know I’ll be adding to that board heavily very soon!
  19. Disney’s Food & Wine Festival– Ill be covering and developing ongoing guides for first timers with reviews on foods and events taking place throughout the event this year!
  20. Be Healthy – A motivation board of positive encouragement!
  21. Good Food = Good Body – A board full of healthy – ish foods to help keep my brain churning in the right direction!

Wow. I’m going to be honest; I did not realize the immensity of change I brought to my Pinterest boards. I think it is going to work out marvelously, because the easier the information is to get to, the more likely I am to use it!

Now I must be going, Pinterest is telling me I have 189 new pins that need my attention!

The Sparkle Queen

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