Paleo/Primal Friendly: Simple Healthy Dinner

Hello Darlings!
In some of my recent posts, I have talked about my new goal
of trying the Paleo/Primal Blueprint lifestyle. There are a few contributing
factors into why I’ve decided to move towards that lifestyle, but more on that
later. I just wanted to share something that I have used and learned to really
appreciate since I’ve started this new change.  A simple, healthy dinner.  I’ve mixed and matched fruits, veggies,
cheeses, nuts, etc. to formulate light snacks and dinners to my liking.
Sometimes you just don’t need a big heavy dinner, and this fits the bill
perfectly for these nights.
Simple Healthy Dinner
Maybe it was the process of putting together the “spreads”
if you will, but it was really nice to have a little fruit, a few olives, some
cheese, a handful of nuts and a glass of wine. It was more than filling
honestly, and I can’t wait to do it again soon.
What I really love about this idea for a simple, healthy
dinner, is that it is easy to open the ‘fridge up, and toss a handful of this
and that into a muffin tin and sit on the couch and just enjoy your sampling of
nutritious foods! No prep work, no real clean up. And truthfully, I didn’t feel
heavy or super full when I was do ne. It was fantastic.
Simple Healthy Dinner
The pictures in this post were from the first time I tried
this, and made a spread for myself and others. It actually ended up being TOO
much food, which it doesn’t look like in the pictures, and we were able to eat
and enjoy more of it the next day.  Once
I got the hang of what combinations I like together, I used less produce and
food and can whip a platter up in a few minutes!
I know not everyone is interested in the Primal Blueprint,
but keep this dinner style alternative in the back of your mind. You may just
try it, and even enjoy it! I am so glad I have.
The Sparkle Queen 

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