The New Look Of: Sparkly Sharp and Fabulous!

Good Evening Darlings!

I hope you are liking the new layout of the blog! Blogger gave us some new layout options to help improve our user interfaces. Here is one of their brief video recaps and information with of the changes made available.

So far I think I am liking it, though I am having a bit of a hard time deciding which “Default View” fits this blog the most. I took screenshots of all of the different options. As a reader, you have the ability to view and navigate this blog whichever way you want, by selecting your choice in the top LEFT corner, under the blog title.

As part of the new Dynamics options, these are the different layout options: ( make sure to note which view the screenshot was taken in, as seen in the top left in bold, under the blog name!)

So here is what it USED to look like:

I hope you like the new look! Do you have any suggestions for me? I am still working through a few of the settings. Some of the font I’d prefer to use wont work, and have a few other technical complications, but all and all I like it. Allegedly this new format helps reduce the load time, and makes information easier to find. Does it? You tell me!

The Sparkle Queen

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