New Fall Nail Art

Check out the newest listing in my Etsy store:

This set of beautiful nail art includes 24 artificial nails, in 10
different sizes. These nails are medium length. The nails are considered to be
a square “active” style, perfect for the woman on the go!

Each nail is hand painted and designed. It
is like having little miniature works of art on each nail!

This set of nails is done in a gorgeous shades inspired by the fall season. A gradation of rich shades of brown, bronze, yellow and gold shimmery base, topped with a chunky iridescent glitter at the tips of the nails. A long lasting protective top coat is applied to each nail for extended wear. Make sure to look at ALL of the pictures to get the best idea of the shimmer and shine of these nails!

I hope you enjoy them! They were SO much fun to make!

The Sparkle Queen

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