Nail Art Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Nail Art Ideas for Valentine’s Day
It’s that time again! This is another one of my continuously
updated, nail art ideas and inspiration posts! I keep adding links as I find them,
or as my lovely readers submit them! 

As always, I try and find the original source and hyperlink back to it if at
all possible! If you have created or found any looks that you think should be
added to this list, share the link before or the image on my Facebook page!
Don’t forget to pin your favorites for future reference!

Tina Tran shared this I < 3 U nails:

Gold and White Water Marble  with Blue Rhinestone Hearts:

Love Explosion in Blue – by me:

My Cupid’s Curse tutorial:

This is my Glitter Owl Tutorial:

This is my tutorial for a hot pink velvet manicure:

Linda165 made this sparkly Valentine look: (see youtube video too!)

Rainysunraynails shared this flocked hearts manicure:

Under The Brooklyn Lights created this adorable owl manicure:

Crystal Marie shared this super cute Pink Valentine Confetti manicure:

This is my Pink and White Water Marble with Rhinestones design:

Pink and White (with Rhinestones) Water Marble Nail Art

Nailartfever shared these sparkly Valentine’s Day Nails:

TheMedina77 shared this Diamond Hearts Bling nail art for Valentine’s Day:

Dressed Up Nails shared this nail art look:

Garden of Love tutorial by Beautymantraindia:

This is my Purple Hearts Water Marble Tutorial:

Oli123 shared these beautiful Valentine’s Day nails:

Boricua UniqueNails created this Valentine’s Day Water Marble Nail Art:

Nail it Hot shared these Valentine’s Day Owls:

Tendenciaslntimas shared how to make this 3d bear for Valentine’s Day:

MyDesigns4You shared these Cute Teddy Valentine’s Day nail art tutorial:
Lancengi designed these “Love Always Wins” Valentine’s Day mani:
MadamLuck shared this “My Vulnerable Heart” nail art:
Muan Nu shared this tutorial for pretty pink heart nails:
LuckyCharms2407 shared this Valentine’s Day Nail Art Tutorial:
Tananail shared these pink nails with fuzzy hearts:
Azusa shared these fantastic 3d layered heart nails:
Peachy Polish designed this Valentine’s Day Watercolor nail art:
Nail Art Las Vegas shared this blingy valentine’s day nails:
Nail Art Overdose shared these hot pink and black nails:
Madison Nails shared this glitter heart design:
StaceysNailCandies shared this cute sweet heart manicure:
Which is your favorite design?
The Sparkle Queen

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