Nail Art Giveaway Contest!

Guess what? SPRING IS HERE! And you know what that means? Lots of fantastic nail art designs to try!

And that is exactly why I’ve decided to host this contest! Since it is my first contest that I’ve EVER hosted, I’m keeping it pretty simple:

You can enter as many designs are you want, just upload a picture for each one onto my Facebook page here.

You can vote as soon as the first applicant is in. Vote by liking any and all designs you like!

And of course, the prize! The winner who has the most likes on their individual designs (no adding up all of your looks and combining them!) get’s a complete set of my Princess Glamour: Shimmery Spring line!

You can get ALL of the details about this collection in my video here:

I can’t wait to see everyone’s designs! Any questions or comments? Share below or on my Facebook page!

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