My Top Secret Project: Random Nail Art

Here it is, my top secret project I’ve been working on:

I’ve got a new site!

Don’t worry, I’m not getting rid of The Sparkle Queen. Random Nail Art is just another one of my brainchild’s that I’ve been working on behind the scenes. It’s actually been on my mind far longer then I’ve been actually physically working on it. I really wanted a platform where I could go, discover new nail art bloggers I had never heard about AND see some magnificent nail art.
And for those of you who are like “go on Pinterest, there’s plenty of ideas there”. Trust me, I know. But I feel like a lot of what makes those pins popular are that they are coming from super experienced / high level bloggers with tons of experience with both nails AND nail art. 
I really wanted an outlet where all levels and mediums of nail art could be shared together. So there was something for everyone, every time they wanted a new idea or inspiration. 
I invite you to come check out my new site, Random Nail Art, and discover what I’ve been up to.
Make sure you are following me on all of my social media sites to keep up to date with everything. The first Facebook link (to the left) is the one for my new Random Nail Art site. I’d love to have you join me there! I hope to share lots of fantastic nail art looks with you there. 
And if you look closely at my Twitter handle, you’ll notice that…..:

@RandomNailArt ‘s top secret project is live! And it’s Random Nail Art! Check it out #topsecret #nailart #obsession!  ——– CLICK TO TWEET THIS!

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