My Top 10 Favorite Christmas and Winter Nails of 2013

Wow, we are literally HOURS away from Christmas morning!  Are you excited?
I feel like I have been fortunate enough to have seen (and
!) at least hundreds of nail art ideas for this Christmas season.  Sometimes I wonder if I’ve seen TOO MANY nail
designs….and I often find that I want to do too many things at once and have a hard
time narrowing it down. Do you know the feeling I’m taking about?

I wanted to put together 10 of my absolute favorite
Christmas nail finds of the year and share them with you.
In no particular order:

I couldn’t decide which of these two designs by Freeda
Latham I loved most. Possibly the most unique and breathtaking nails I’ve seen
in a while:
It was either this whimsical
How could I choose between those beauties?

Next up I had these holiday colored sequins nails by Hey,
Darling Polish

inspired mani was also on my faves list:
This Christmas scene nail art was painted and shared by sammystaines
on Nail Art Gallery
, and I’ve absolutely been marveling in its talent for
some time now.

I’m a huge fan of Christmas geometric prints, and Pointless
Café’s argyle nails
, done free handed mind you, just captured my heart:

And because my favorite Christmas color combination is dark
blue and gold, AND because I love all things sparkly, I just had to include
these beauties by Miss.Love2807:

Nail Polish
shared what I would argue to be the most unique nail art of the
season with these holiday window scene nails:

A little sparkle never hurt anyone, but a little sparkle can
go a long way. I think the nails that Blingfinger
shared were just perfect! Not too much, and not too little sparkle:

Now, if you’ve seen pretty much any of my nail art, you know
that I love rhinestones and sparkly additions. That is possibly why I am
completely in love with the exquisite nail sets that Never
Too Much Glitter
shared for the holiday season:
And last but by no means least; Paulina’s
shared these cheerful, colorful stockings.  They bring a smile to my face every time I see
them. Do you get the same cheerful reaction I do?
Naturally, I love my two looks I did for Christmas this
year. If you missed them, I did these
rhinestone Christmas trees
to match an ugly sweater I made for a party:
And I tested my patience with these decaled nails inspired
by the Christmas movie classic “ The
Year Without A Santa Claus” featuring Heat Miser and Snow Miser:

So what are some of YOUR favorite Christmas nails you’ve
seen or made so far this year?  

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    1. You are most welcome Sam! I just adore your ornament nails. I actually had a hard time picking out which of your looks I wanted to use, you created so many awesome looks for the holiday challenge!

  1. It was just great to see many talents and beautiful nailarts at once. I also discovered new blogs which I absolutely love now through your holiday collection so thanks a bunch sweetheart! I hope you had a wonderful christmas <3 (and yay I'm in your top 10 list *happydance* didn't expect that at all haha)

    1. I'm so happy to hear that! That is exactly why I started the round ups, I've already found a PILE of new ladies to follow and am loving it so far. Glad you found some you enjoyed as well. And your nails are GORGEOUS, I absolutely had to have them on my faves list 🙂 Have a spectacular new year!

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