#hepicksmypolish My Boyfriend Picks My Polish {Flight of the Diamonds}

Have you seen the videos on YouTube where the girls have
their boyfriends do their makeup? I’ve been a victim of a few unfortunately. It’s
like you want to see it, but you don’t. You’re sure he’s going to mess it up,
but he might not.  Anyways, this is not
that type of post. I think it’s a lot better actually. Oh, and for the sake of formality,
the boyfriend in question is actually my fiancé.
Part of doing a DIY wedding (coming this fall!) is keeping
your budget under control. We are doing a great job so far, but one of the
rules I for some reason, willingly came up with and agreed to was to pretty
much go on a polish no buy. Partially because it is an incredibly addicting
hobby, but also because I’m pretty sure I have more bottles of nail polish than
I can possibly use in one lifetime.
Stay with me. I know it’s hard to believe that you could
ever own enough nail polish.
But have you ever had one of those days where you WANT to do
your nails, but couldn’t decide WHAT you wanted to do, or what color you should
do it in? Yeah, those days. I was having one of them.  I had all of this marvelous polish, and was
pretty much in overload with options. How do you choose? Well…..that is about
when I came up with the idea.
I had my fiancé pick out 1-3 polishes of his choosing, and
really just hoped I’d have a “make it work” moment.
My Boyfriend Picks My Polish {Flight of the Diamonds}
The polishes he picked were:
 a purple (Rimmel #350
“Violet Metal”)
 a red (OPI “An affair
in red square” )
a blue and diamond glitter (Princess Glamour “Shine Bright”)
Delightful. Pretty colors, just not ones I would use
together. Ever.
But who am I to complain? I like challenges! So I started
getting ready, got my paper towels out, my remover handy for touch ups. Not
one, but BOTH of my solid colors (the red and purple) were old. Thick, and
stringy and OLD! The purple was only slightly better off than the red, so that’s
why it got the honorary base coating position. The OPI had sadly gone so bad,
that I barely could get it to not leave strings of polish behind when dotting.
“But that’s alright!” I thought, because I then made even
more dots, and strategically placed them to look like they were coming out of
the diamond glitter. My goal was to make it look like the diamonds were flying
through a purple sky, and leaving a trail of red dots behind. And conveniently there
were random blue glitter falling as well……which I’m just going to call shiny
My Boyfriend Picks My Polish {Flight of the Diamonds}
Given the polishes, I can’t really complain about how they
turn out. I’m sad I have to retire a few of my old favorites, but you know
what? It really just confirms that I really shouldn’t be buying more polish. I’ve
got more than enough to work with.

Would you like to see more of this type of series? A “my
boyfriend picks my polish” series that is. Let me know in the comments down

****UPDATE**** I’m going to be doing more of these in the future, and hope you join in as well! Make sure you use #hepicksmypolish and share your results with me on Facebook too! If you are a blogger, join us on the link-party below.


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    1. You are too kind Lisa. Shortly after the post went live I thinking to myself…."maybe I should not be posting my fails like this lol". But it is out there. I have another one coming up soon I just did! I'm glad you like the concept 🙂

  1. Have you tried grabbing a NP thinner? I use it to prolong the life of some of my really old polishes. I have some polishes going on 4 years old!

    1. You know I honestly have never tried a thinner before. I'm not sure if that would work with these polishes though because there was such a little amount of polish left in the bottles. I'll have to pick some up next time I'm at Sally's.

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