Modern Pysanky Inspired Rose Nail Art

Do you have any Easter traditions you’ve celebrated since
you were little?
One that my family does together every year is the making of
psanky eggs. Well, we try. Most of us create very basic designs, since we didn’t
plan them out months in advanced like you are supposed to…..but it’s the
thought that counts, right?

And one of my favorite symbols to create is the “rose”.  Many of the psanky egg decorations and
symbols have meanings, and the “rose” is often associated with love or caring.
The rose is often depicted with sharp, pointy diamonds arranged together to
create the flower. The shape is very similar to some of the nail art glitter I
have, so I thought, why not try a more modern version?

While they were ridiculously time intensive, trying to get
the glitter placement just right and all, I thought the look overall, was pretty neat.
Not my absolute favorite look ever, and certainly not the worst look for Easter, but I’m
still glad I tried it.
I used some of my Princess Glamour “April Showers” as the
glittery base to attach the tiny diamond glitter’s to the nail with, and boy is
it sparkly. Here’s a blurred shot where you can see a lot more of the sparkle:

It’s so SPARKLY! 

What are some of your favorite Easter traditions?

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  1. I too have some of these odd rhombus glitters and have no idea what to do with them, so thanks for the inspo! That said, I think these definitely work as being Easter-y. Love that base color fo sho!

  2. It's so pretty and you have a wonderful easter tradition! My family doesn't celebrate easter, so we don't have any traditions. But I always love to read what others do so thanks for sharing this ^.^

  3. Well, you've made me learn something. I didn't know what psanky eggs were, and now I'm thoroughly educated, courtesy of Wikipedia. I love the flowers done with the glitters – must try to get hold of some diamond glitters.

    1. Oh, well then, happy to help 🙂 Google some of images of eggs, there are tons of INCREDIBLE and masterful works of art floating around out there. I have no reason to believe I'll ever get to quite that level, but I enjoyed putting a modern twist on them this year 🙂

  4. Simple, yet strikingly beautiful <3 I love the designs.

    My great grandmother used to make the Czech version of pysanky eggs (kraslice) when I was a little girl, and I used to be in awe of the work she would do.

    My family itself never really had much in the way of traditions, though. When I was a kid, we did Easter baskets and would have a big dinner.. Now we just do a big dinner for no real reason other than it's Easter. (We're not religious or anything and haven't actually been to church since I was 5 or 6….. so almost 30 years)

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