Modern Midsummer Marble Tablescape with DIY Acrylic Fluid Painting Table Decor Accents

Modern Midsummer Marble Tablescape

modern take on a midsummer night with a marbled twist - cute modern dinner party table decor and place setting with DIY fluid acrylic pouring table accents

Oh how I love a good afternoon session of acrylic pouring! Even a paint stash project is tranquil and relaxing with this method. If you don’t know about acrylic pouring, also sometimes called fluid acrylic painting or liquid acrylic art, is taking over YouTube for being such a fun and easy to do project that consistently produces beautiful works of art. By now I sincerely hope you’ve had a chance to check out some of my acrylic pouring place mats; the jewel tone place mats inspired by art are stunning, just as the unicorn dream place mats are colorful and lively. If you are interested in seeing how they are created, I’ve got detailed video tutorials already arranged in THIS playlist on my YouTube channel.

midsummer marble table decor with DIY marble accents and LED candle runner

I’ve always been the girl who loves to see ideas for mysterious and magical midsummer’s night soiree, whatever the event is. There’s something about twinkling fairy lights that just make me smile! For this modern midsummer marble tablescape, I wanted to take the earthy colors and the twinkling lights and combine them into a new modern take. Featured in this tablescape were lots of rich greens and earthy brown hues, as well as some fun metallics to mix it up! Metallic rose gold chargers were used, as well as metallic paint in the marble table decor. It provides such a nice breakup of the earthy tones, and shimmers beautifully in the evening when the candles are flickering.

modern midsummer marble place settings with LED candle runner table decor with DIY fluid acrylic table runner accents

LED candle table decor runner with DIY midsummer marble accents

As this was another one of my thrift store and DIY based tablescapes, let’s see how much it cost me to create this modern midsummer marble tablescape:

  • Green floor length poly tablecloth – I purchased from Amazon for $14
  • Rose gold plate chargers – a set of 6 of these chargers was $2 at my local Goodwill
  • Green bubble glass plates – a set of 5 plates was $5 at my local Goodwill
  • Burgundy napkins – had on hand from one of my April tablescapes, featuring modern marbled jewel toned table decor inspired by one of my paintings
  • LED candles – 2 sets used – I have tons of these in my homes, they are the only ones I recommend because they last so well! You can find them on Amazon
  • 8×8 canvas panels – 50% off on sale at Hobby Lobby! $3.50 for a set of 5 panels
  • Paint – had old paint on hand I wanted to use up

This brings our total to only a mere $25 for this incredibly beautiful and one of a kind table decor designs!

Absolutely worth it! I’m really glad that I have made sure the items I buy at thrift stores or pick up at tag sales are items I love, and can think of ways to use them again. I already have a fantastic idea in mind for that beautiful hunters green tablecloth. And interestingly enough, something along the Christmas holidays in mind for those rose gold chargers.

rose gold, green, and burgandy place setting for a modern midsummer marble tablescape With DIY fluid acrylic table runner accents

modern midsummer marble tablescape with DIY fluid acrylic paint pouring accents and LED candles runner centerpiece

As with all my tablescapes, there is always, always, always a DIY element. Not only is making your own…well anything, giving you the ability to create something truly unique and your own, but it is also a great way to learn new skills, and maybe even use some of your crafty stash up! The DIY for this modern midsummer marble tablescape is a set of 5 fluid acrylic pouring table accents made on 8” x 8” canvas panels. Using a similar technique to what I used for some of my acrylic pour place mats, I applied that method to create an interesting, alternative take on a table runner. Just imagine how easy something like this could be to make for your own table!

diy fluid acrylic pouring marble table decor with LED candle - used as a table runner or centerpiece

enchanting midsummer marble tabledecor with DIY acrylic pour marble accents

LED candle runner with DIY fluid acrylic pouring table decor

To help you learn how I made these, I’ve uploaded a video tutorial for you to enjoy:

Don’t forget to pin it for future reference!

Modern Midsummer Marble Tablescape with DIY Acrylic Fluid Painting Table Decor Accents
Modern Midsummer Marble Tablescape with DIY Acrylic Fluid Painting Table Decor Accents

How To Acrylic Fluid Painting Table Decor Accents - With A Midsummer Twist!

What do you think of this take on a modern midsummer marble tablescape?

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