Black Blue and Gold Table Decor with Lots of Texture

Modern Marble Tablescape – in Gold, Black, and Light Blue

Who knew a thrift store vase could look so luxurious? Those of you who saw my funky gold and blue tablescape from a few weeks ago know!

Black Blue and Gold Table Decor with Lots of Texture

This week I’m bringing a little more thrift store realness to the table – literally! I really wanted to make an extra effort to either use what I had, or what I could get for cheap, and make it work! (Who else read that like Tim Gunn?) My 2017 tablescape challenge is all about finding things I already had on hand, or making use of what I can find at the thrift store. It’s easy for me to get carried away on these grand ideas that inspire me, making it so hard sometimes to not feel compelled to go to 3 different stores to find all of the perfect elements, use my coupons, and create the look. The reality is it’s just not sustainable. Not only is it expensive, but where would I store it all?

These days, when I’m at the store, be it a craft store, thrift store, or even in the home decor section in a chain shop, and am really eyeing an item, I always ask myself: can you use it more than once? Is it something so special you can only work it in once? Do you instantly get a bunch of different ideas? If I answer yes and the price is right, there’s a good chance I buy it.

You’re probably wondering, what has all this has to do with this modern marble tablescape I teased you with in the title? Well, I’ll tell you. I started to get a little overwhelmed with all these great ideas I had, and finding myself frustrated that I was “just missing a few elements” here and there, enough where I didn’t want to put together the table decor until it was perfect. Finally, I just had to head my inner Tim Gunn, and make it work! What do I have on hand? What could be an alternative idea?

And make it work, I did! A fun DIY vase transformation exploring more acrylic pouring marbling effects, inspired by earlier thrift store vase transformation in gold, makes for a stunning focal centerpiece.

Light Blue Black and Gold DIY Table Decor and Non Floral Centerpiece

DIY Acrylic Pour Marble Vase Makeover and Centerpiece

Do you recognize some of these elements? I’ve used a few of them before. It’s amazing how just changing out a few things can really transform a look. Look at the comparison of these textured blue branches used in my centerpieces from this week’s table decor, to a few weeks ago:

Light Blue Black and Gold DIY Table Decor and Funky Centerpiece

Funky Blue and Gold Tablescape Made From Thrift Store Decor
Funky Blue and Gold Tablescape Made From Thrift Store Decor

Crazy right? The gold focused table gives me a funky vibe, and yet with the black table cloth, it radiates modern luxury.

So where did this week’s tablescape come in cost wise? Let’s see:

  • Black table cloth – bought on Amazon for $14
  • Light blue cotton napkins – a set of 4 napkins were $10 from Bed, Bath, and Beyond
  • Light blue with gold studs table runner – had on hand from gold and blue tablescape
  • Blue foam bead branches – also had on hand from gold and blue tablescape
  • Gold flatware – had a few pieces on hand
  • Black plates – a set of 4 plates were only $1.50 at my local Goodwill, they were 50% off for being the color of the week!
  • Grey glass cups – 4 at $0.50 each from my local Goodwill, they were also 50% off for being the color of the week!
  • Glass vase – was also 50% off for being the color of the week at my local Goodwill, so it was only $1.
  • Paint for vase transformation – 2 were $1.50 each, and one was $1 from my local craft store

This brings our total to just over $32, not bad!

I feel good knowing that $24 of those dollars were towards linens, which I KNOW I can do more with. In fact, spoiler alert, I have some LOVELY summer tables you’ll be seeing those napkins in real soon. So if I spent around $8 on the REST of the table, leaning on what I had on hand and cheap finds at the thrift store, that is pretty great as far as I’m concerned.

Gold Flatware with Blue and Black Place Setting and Tablescape

Table Decor in Gold Black and Blue with Gold Flatware

If you are interested in seeing how easy this vase transformation was, check out my latest video tutorial that will show you just that:

And if you are looking for something even EASIER, check out this video on how to transform a vase with just one color.

Don’t forget to pin this for future reference:

Modern Marble Tablescape in Gold Black and Light Blue

How To- Acrylic Marble Pour Vase

Two tablescapes, both with blue and gold, which is your favorite?

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