May #HePicksMyPolish Nail Art Challenge – Look 1

This week the May #HePicksMyPolish nail art challenge is
going on!
I’ve got look one done for this challenge so far!
My Mr. picked out only two polishes for this combo:
  • Sinful Colors – “Tokyo Pearl” #112 (pearl white)
  • Bright Pink/Red – 222 by unknown source…. I don’t remember
    where or even when I bought it….it’s pretty though!

He did another one of this quick “blind pick” polish choosing’s.
Wait till you see the other set I got….it makes this one look like heaven.

I’m having a hard time deciding if that is a darker hot
pink, or a super bright red, what you do think?

I think it’s a bright red.
And it’s because it reminds me of a bright red, that is also
reminds me of this
oooolllllddd nail art dotticure I attempted way back when. Fair warning – I cringe
when I see those pictures! But I guess that’s how I know I’m growing and making
progress in my skills, right?
I thought I would show my old self what’s what and how far I’ve
come as a blogger!

I think this look is a major improvement on the “old”
dotticure, which actually used the same white polish. I’m actually not a huge
fan of this white polish, because it is so streaky, and the formula is a bit wonky,
but I can’t bring myself to throw it away.
The dot gradient was achieved my blending small batches of
both polishes together to create each section of the effect. A matte top coat
was applied to the dot nails, but even that matte top coat was not enough to
hide the pearlescent effect of that white polish.

If you want to get in on the challenge, or learn more about
it for future challenges, click
for more info. 
Don’t forget to
check out all of the other fantastic looks that these ladies created for this

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