Marble Christmas Ornaments – With Nail Polish!

Hello AGAIN today Darlings!
Today I am banging out the finishing touches on all of my Christmas ornaments, trying to photograph them, and get them posted for you to see! Obviously I am doing them all last minute (like ya do) but that is all the more reason for you to try some out too!
Marble Christmas Ornaments – With Nail Polish!
This ornament is inspired by the marble nail polish ornament that has been making the rounds on pinterest. You know how much I love nailed marble art, so I figured I’d give this a go. I can confirm it is probably HARDER than marbling your own nail, but looks AWESOME. Here’s what I did:
Step One:
Get a bigger container ( I used an old yogurt container) and start dropping your colors in like you would to marble your nail. You will need significantly more polish layers or drops to make up for the large surface area. NOW DUNK IN YOUR ORNAMENT!

Step Two:
Let ornament air dry until completely dry, I hung mine up on an extra tomato cage I had on my porch to get a nice breeze. It’s also 80 degrees here so I have the luxury of not having to worry about snow. Assuming your ornament is dry, examine it, see if you like it. Do you want it more or less decorated? I wanted mine more vibrant so I poured some old super liquid acrylic paint on the inside and swirled it around.
Step Three:
Turn ornament upside down once you completely coat the inside as you like, to dry or drain out any extra paint you may have. As this is happening, periodically check your ornament to make sure the paint doesn’t dry up some areas or miss any more spots. Rotate if necessary.

Step Four:
Once everything is completely dry, inside and out, I would suggest you put a clear coat of clear gloss spray paint on, like you would for your marbled nails, to preserve the life of the ornament!
That’s it! Now go enjoy your pretty handmade Christmas ornament!
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