Making The Base for Your Bouquet {DIY Rhinestone Wedding Brooch Bouquet}

Hello ladies!

I have recently uploaded another video for those of you thinking about making your own wedding brooch bouquets. This video is all about making the base of the bouquet, which is obviously a very important aspect. This is just how I approached it, and it may work for you, but there are infinite other ways to do so.  You can watch it here:

Originally, I had shared my brooch bouquet that I made for my wedding in this post, featuring a glimpse of my wedding.

But then, after lots of requests for more information, I shared this post (and video!). That video I HIGHLY recommend watching first. I go over the basics of what I did and what materials I used. You can watch it here:

And read the blog post here.

I’ve also just shared a video (and blog post) talking about what pins I used, what to look for, and what to avoid. You can watch that video here:

Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel, I’ve got one more video to share, and it is going to be how I made a custom storage box for to keep my bouquet safe in.

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