Major FAIL Incoming! Unless Dot Smear Is A New Nail Art Trend….

And if dot smears become a thing, I’m totally calling “dibs”
on it!
Nah, not really, I’m not overly fond of this look.
In my head….it was a beautiful spring dotticure with a touch
of sparkle.
But then topcoat…..
What a mess! I don’t know what happened honestly. I had let
the nails dry, or at least I thought they did, but the top coat just smeared
over them like butter on a warm piece of toast.
Just like that.
You know how I know this was a fail look, and un-salvageable?
Even my camera was like
“NO, no! You can’t make me take pictures of that nonsense you call art!” and
gifted me with these two delightful pictures.

Yeah, great stuff right?
Oh well, we all have those days, as frustrating as they may
be. I thought I’d share this one with you.

What’s been one of your recent mani fails? If you are brave
enough to share, tell me all about it below!

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