Loose Glitter – Spring to Summer Nail Art Look

Is it summer or spring where you live now?
Yes, I know what I’m asking, but answer it honestly!
I know I’m not the only person that lives in Florida, or any
of the other numerous places that have limited “seasons”. Technically, sure,
it’s spring, but it’s nearly 90 here. I’d hardly call that spring.
As far as I’m concerned, it’s summer.  Maybe not for my northerners, but it is here!
Which got me thinking: what are some fun, sparkly looks that
can transition between seasons? I really wanted to try something with bright
colors, that would work for the end of Spring, beginning of Summer time. This
is what I came up with:

I knew what glitter I wanted to play with for this look, but
didn’t know exactly how I wanted to arrange it.

After thinking for a bit, I thought I’d pull out the
striping tape and try something with that.
These are done on fairly short nails, but I bet it would
look super cool with lots of rows on longer nails. What do you think?

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  1. It's spring here, but even though I'm up in Philadelphia, we're going up to 90 this week! After such a brutal winter, this weather is crazy!

    This is a really fun look <3 The glitter looks almost like the salt or sugar you would have on the rim of a mixed drink <3 I think the citrusy colors fit your Florida weather and seasons well 😛

    1. That's what all my northerner friends are telling me! One was saying (earlier this year) It could be 80 out one day, and nearly 50 the next! That is SO odd. Hopefully this doesnt mean a bad hurricane season….fingers crossed!

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