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Let Love Grow – Valentine’s Day Tree

Ahh yes, 2021. The year we have all been waiting to arrive for some time. While the pandemic is still at large, and we are all still spending so much time at home, I have found myself motivated to create a seasonal tree. That’s right! I’m leaving my Christmas tree up year round!

In years past I have considered doing it, having a seasonal tree up all year. But it didn’t make sense at the time.

And then for Christmas 2020, we had to buy a new tree. And OH MY GOSH is this tree something else. It has hundreds of combinations for different colors and settings, so many that I made a video showing them off.

Then there’s the fact that we don’t exactly have a ton of “seasons” in Florida. At least not many that create visual differences in the better part of our landscape and terrain.

So why not? That’s been my feelings on it this whole time. I like a good challenge, and found immediate inspiration from after Christmas clearance florals.

The inspiration for my Let Love Grow tree was an overgrown rose bush, with dazzling flowers and flourishing hearts. Would you believe me if I told you I sewed all the hearts myself? I sure did. I went from a pillow case to these hearts as my second sewing project ever! YouTube has some amazing teachers out there.

All 100 of the floral picks on the tree are from clearance Christmas! The only ones I bought that were not Christmas were the few used in the topper. There are some fun plastic hearts from Hobby Lobby, and the crystal beaded plumes are from Michael’s.

I even managed to work my Dinosaurs In Love decor from years ago along my tree skirt.

If you’d love to see how this Valentine’s Day tree came together, I’d love to show you!

Here’s the process I used to create this fabulous tree:

I have some great hidden gnome couples snuggled in the tree, can you find them all?

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