Inspiration for a PLUM PURPLE and YELLOW GOLD Wedding Extravaganza

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This week’s design inspiration board is for an over the top wedding extravaganza! Shades of plum purples and rich yellows are the highlight to this event, with lots of multilayered centerpieces and tons of textures for your eyes to feast on. You’ll notice I’ve included a few prints combining the two event colors. This is one of the major differences that makes this event look more cohesive (and higher end) and really pulls everything together. Without the print combining the colors, it gets turned into a color block type situation, which is fine in some cases, just not for this type of formal event!
Inspiration for a PLUM PURPLE and YELLOW GOLD Wedding Extravaganza

Images Used:
Sitting area shared by
Yellow Tablescape
shared on Nigerianwedding.Org
Bouquet seen on
Royal Plum
and Gold Chrysanthemums Party Cracker by Spangle
Pop on Etsy
This event is designed by The Sparkle Queen Events. Image sources
are hyperlinked in the text for easier accessibility.
As with all Sparkle Queen Events, I want to inspire you to make
your event extra special. While many of the items I include in my event designs
are tutorials, recipes, or handmade… use your imagination! Sometimes you can’t
make everything yourself, or you can make things that you could buy, but the
key is to find the right balance for you and your event, and strive to make it


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