Ice Blue and White Glitter Gradient Nail Art – #12DaysofChristmasNailArt #ChallengeYourNailArt

Hello, hello!
Today’s nail art theme is “Ice Blue and White Colors” for
the 12 Days of Christmas Nail Art Challenge by the Challenge Your Nail Art group
on Facebook. Here’s my look:

Got to love that glitter!
Can we deviate for just a second though? I have something I
need to say: I HATE white polishes. I must have close to ten white polishes,
and not one of them is any good. Maybe it’s just my collection of them, but it
seems like they are all streaky, heavy, and go on horribly, often leaving
bubbles and ridges. Ugh. Am I the only one with this problem?
Ok, back to the pretty nails:
The polishes used were:
Zoya – “Snow White” (the white, obviously)
Sally Hansen – “Laser” #16 (the dark blue, and one of my
FAVORITE polishes of all time)
Princess Glamour – “April Showers” – (the blue glitter top
I don’t even have a normal top coat on in these pictures,
but look at the fabulously sparkly effect:

Isn’t that great? I love super micro glitter polishes, the
effect is always so beautiful.

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for this challenge: 

Want to join in? Join us on Facebook. 

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  1. Love the glitter gradient!! I did one for one of the challenge prompts as well but taking them off was such a nightmare I've been put off by one of them.

    Have you tried the Sinful Colors white polish? It's really not bad at all, and marbles great!

  2. Aaaah it's been way too long since I've visited your blog >///<
    The glitter gradient is so pretty and because of the color and the tiny dots it reminds me of your blog's bg xD
    Hmmm about the problem with the white polishes… well, when I start using them they're mostly quite good but they do dry faster than my other polishes and then become thicker etc. But I always thought it's because I use them so often =/ Polishes tend to be more thick then they're about to be empty, aren't they? Maybe because we open them much more and the air bla bla.. But I'm not sure too xD I always use a nail polish thinner then, it helps a little bit to deal with the thickness 🙁

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