I love you…I know {Candy Heart Nail Art}

Today kicks off the start of the Week of Love nail art
challenge! It’s a five day challenge, and there is a new theme each day.  The challenge we were given for day one, was “candy
heart sayings”.
At first I was honestly a little bummed. I’ll admit it; I
was never a fan of those candies. If I’m going to have sweets, 99.9% of the
time it better have chocolate involved.
But then it occurred to me, I could make up my own candy
saying since I don’t actually know what is on them anyways. And to put a little
more “me” into them, I added my nerd flare and put in the infamous Star Wars

I did put a matte finish on the nails with the quote, but I didn’t want to matte-ify the others. And if you are looking at these thinking, “OMG those look horrible”, well get in line. I’m still learning my freehand painting, so until I hit that level of awesome, you’re going to just have to deal with the “in progress” stages.

If you aren’t familiar with that quote (shame on you!) here
it is:

Make sure see what everyone else is sharing in today’s

Oh, and if you want to join in tomorrow or any time during the rest of the challenge, here are the themes:

Join the group on Facebook here.

So what is your favorite “love” quote of all time?

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  1. Aaaaaah! Star Wars is my favorite movie and before you even brought that up I knew what it was!!! Aaaah the good ol' freehand. Well I think it looks great for freehand! My writing would have been unintelligible LOL!! Oh and I hate those little hearts too, bleck!

    1. Awww, I'm glad I'm not the only Star Wars fan in our group 🙂 Maybe there are others lurking lol. I think my original free hand is atrocious, but this is the "improved" versions lol. You'll have to keep trying your free hand, it's bound to get better 🙂

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