How To: Tie Dye – Fish Scales {Video Tutorial}

Hello lovelies!
Today I’ve got another thrift store refashion to share with
you. I took an old, bland cotton shirt and turned it into a bright and unique
tie dye look! The shirt is a bit big on me, but it is so soft I couldn’t
resist. I’m thinking this shirt would either be good as a sleep shirt in the summer
when it’s warm, or at the beach since it is so light.
This was my first time experimenting with this tie dye
technique, but the results were fantastic. I highly recommend it for anyone
looking to upcycle one of their old shirts, or wanting to just dye something!
The shirt was found at Goodwill for about 3 dollars. Can’t
really complain about that!
Enjoy the tutorial:

Any questions? Feel free to ask! I’m happy to help!

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