How To: Modern French Nails

Hello, hello again! Today is the second post in the
“Classic” week series for the ManiCure Pinterest sweepstake program by Suave® and

I’ve got a
fun twist on the classic French manicure for you today! I’m using a brighter,
fresher pink and mixing it with the ombre trend to create this beautiful, fresh

Instead of
splitting the two colors equally across half your nail, like you would in a
regular ombre look, we are going to be keeping the two colors in their
traditional areas for a French manicure. How fun!

I’ve got an
easy to pin image for you here:

Don’t fret!  I’ll be breaking down the process for you step
by step here

Step One: Prep your nails! Clean filed nails,
moisturized skin and cuticles, and a strong base coat are a must.  I am still using the awesome Suave® Skin Solutions Smoothing
Body Lotion with Cocoa Butter & Shea.
you don’t know already, starting off your manicure with strong and healthy
nails is the key to better manicures and happy nails, plus it is dermatologist
tested, and keeps moisturizing your skin for up to 24 hours. Sounds like a win
to me!

Step Two: After moisturizing, clean the surface of
the nails with a Q-tips® Precision Tips™ cotton swab dipped in remover and then
apply your base color. Not to be confused with your base coat (which is
typically clear or nude). I used two coats of a bright pink polish. Try and
keep it on a “lighter pink”. 

:  Tips! You will need three things for this
step: a clean, non-porous surface (such as an old lid to a plastic container)
and a clean unused make up sponge. Plus a white polish of your choice. You are
going to be putting a few large drops of your white polish onto the plastic
surface, and gently sponging it with your make up sponge. You want the sponge
to absorb the white polish, so you may have to add more white polish depending
on the polish you are using.

After your
sponge has soaked up a bit of polish, do a few practice dabs on your plastic
surface to see how it applies. I suggest only
having a little on at a time, and slowly building up on your nails. REMEMBER: IT IS EASIER TO ADD MORE! But
it is a pain to tone it down! Start at the very tips of your nails, which
should ultimately be the whitest, and work down toward your cuticles.

Step Four: Ok, that last step, probably took
you a little bit of time to do. And if you haven’t done it before, good job for
attempting it! If you are any bit as OCD as me, you are probably mildly
frustrated that it isn’t perfectly blended. And to that I say, DON’T WORRY! Somehow, this will help:
use a top coat! Something magical seems to happen when I apply a clear top
coat. Maybe it is the gloss that blends everything together, I don’t know, but
it makes a HUGE difference!

Step Five: Clean up time! Dab your Q-tips®
Precision Tips cotton swab into a
little polish remover, and start tidying up those cuticles! They are just the
right size to really get in and around your nails, and make clean up super
easy, which is important for creating the complete look.

Step Six:  Rinse off the polish remover pat your nails
dry, and get out your lotion! Finish off this pretty manicure with the a little
more Suave® Skin Solutions
Smoothing Body Lotion with Cocoa Butter & Shea! It smells great and
dries beautifully. Time to enjoy your new nails and soft skin!

Keep checking back to see what the next theme is for the
ManiCure Pinterest Sweeps by Suave® Skin Solutions and Q-tips® Precision
Tips™ cotton swabs. Don’t worry,
I’ve got some fun tutorials to share with those of you more advanced nail art
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