How To: Leopard Nail Art

Hi Ladies!

I have got some super exciting news to share with you today!
I am officially an Influencer!

Ok, I’m
fairly certain you have no idea what I’m talking about. So let me explain:

I am
partnering up with
Suave® and
for the ManiCure
Pinterest Sweepstakes (presented by
Skin Solutions Body Lotions and Q-tips® Precision Tips
cotton swabs of
course!). Throughout this exciting four week campaign, I will be creating and
sharing two looks per week with you that are themed. In addition to those on
trend looks, I will be sharing not only how to recreate the nail art looks, but
how to include essential steps of moisturizing skin and precision polishing throughout
the process!

As you
follow my blog over the next few weeks, give my nail art looks a try. Then,
head over to the Suave Beauty
Pinterest page, pin/re-pin one of my featured looks (or any of the other
exciting looks on the ManiCure Inspiration board), and take the pin URL to the Suave Beauty Facebook page to
enter for the chance to win Suave® Skin Solutions Body Lotions and Q-tips®
Precision Tips™ cotton swabs or $500 for the ultimate day of beauty and style.

This week’s
theme is “Fashion Week”, and the ideas are just pouring in!

Enough chit chat, let’s see some nails! I have been LOVING Diane von Furstenberg’s board
featuring all things leopard for Spring/Summer 2014. Needless to say, that is
the fashionable design I have in store for you today.

Now, here is the easy to pin and reference how to:
How To: Leopard Nail Art 

Pretty neat huh? They are actually a lot easier than you
would think to do.

Step One: Prep your nails! Clean filed nails,
moisturized skin and cuticles, and a strong base coat are a must. I’ve been
using the wonderful lotion that Suave®
Skin Soluti
ons  has been kind enough to send me, and it goes
on like a dream! The great lightweight feel of the lotion is absorbed quickly,
and lets me get onto the next step in my nail art look quicker.  Starting off your
manicure with strong and healthy skin is the key to better manicures and happy
nails. Might I recommend the
Suave® Skin
Solutions Soothing Body Lotion with Aloe and Cucumber? 

Step Two: Apply your base color. Not to be confused
with your base coat (which is typically clear or nude). In this look, I’m using
two coats of a glittery gold.

Base Color

Step Three: Time to start seeing spots! Using a
dotting tool, start making roundish dots on your glittery nails. Try and keep
them scattered, and not perfectly round. We don’t want them looking like polka
dots. And if you don’t have a dotting tool, don’t worry, you can EASILY make
your own. Check out this
post here
on how to do that. I used a flat brown polish for these spots.


Step Four: Define the spots. You may be looking at
your dots thinking they may look more giraffe-y then leopard-y, but don’t fret!
Take your dotting tool, and dip it in a flat black polish. Using less pressure
then what you used to make the original dots lightly draw around the outside of
the spots. Fluctuate your pressure to get an uneven line, which will make each
spot look more unique. I’d recommend only going around part of each spot,
perhaps creating a smaller second outline


Step Five: Top coat time! You’ve just worked really
hard on these fierce nails; let’s not chip them the first few minutes. Use a
clear top coat of your choice to seal them in nicely.

Top Coat
Step Six: Clean up. Nail polish remover?
Q-tips® Precision
Tips™ cotton swabs
 Suave® Skin Solutions Soothing Body Lotion? Check. Using Q-tips® Precision
swabs lightly soaked in nail polish remover, clean up your nails and cuticles
from any stray polish.  These work great
because they are made of 100% cotton, are soft on your skin, and are MADE to be
used in precision designs and applications. Rinse off any polish remover, and
hydrate your skin and cuticles with
Skin Solutions Soothing Body Lotion with Aloe.
Clean Up and Lotion
 After all that, it is time to enjoy your
nails! If you tried this look, I’d love to see it! Don’t forget, you can
“pin” the final look to the ManiCure
Inspiration board on the
Suave Beauty Pinterest page, and then visit the Suave
Beauty on Facebook
to enter for the
chance to win Suave® Skin Solutions Body Lotions and Q-tips® Precision Tips cotton swabs or $500 for the ultimate day of
beauty and style.

Stay tuned
for another design inspired by Mercedes-Benz Fashion week on Tuesday! I will be
continuing to share tutorials for hot nail art designs, as well as insider
steps on moisturizing skin and perfecting polishing.

This post was created in connection with my appointment as
an Influencer for Suave® and Q-Tips®.

Visit for the chance to win
Suave® Skin Solutions Body Lotions and Q-tips® Precision Tips™ cotton swabs or
$500 for the ultimate day of beauty and style.

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  1. Congratulations on your collaboration!!!!! I'm so happy for you!

    And fabulous tutorial!!! I love the glitter base with the leopard print. Of course, you know how I feel about glitter!

    Congrats again Hun!!!

  2. Love the idea! I do think you missed an important step, though. After lotion, you need to clean your nails with nail polish in case they have any residue from the lotion.

    I will definitely be trying this and entering the Suave contest. Thank you!

    1. Oh good call! I normally try and moisturize a little bit earlier and make sure the lotion has enough time to set in and dry and then proceed to do my nails. I never have an issue doing it that way, but you are right, if you are applying lotion and immediately starting your nails, a light rinse or some alcohol should clear that right up.

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