How To {help your guy} host a Cigar and Poker Party


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Guys need their time together too, ladies! So why not help
your guy throw an awesome party for him and his friends? Of course, you can let
him THINK he’s doing all the hard part, or be a doll and set it all up for him
ahead of time! See my shopping lists and details below the picture.
Cigar, Scotch and Poker Party Guide
Shopping list: (to be done ahead of time)
Liquor store:  get a
cart, you’re gonna need to get a little bit of everything! Beer and booze,
stock up!
1 pack light beer
1 pack dark beer
1 bottle whiskey
1 bottle bourbon
1 bottle scotch
1 bottle vodka
Walmart – you’re just getting the basics and drink
1 bottle of cranberry juice
Assortment of olives
Mixed nuts
Chips and other snack foods
Paper towels
Ingredients for Popcorn* see recipe below
Ingredients for Chili*
Bottle waters (for no mess cleanup, and for the road home!)
Air freshener for next day
Fold up table if you don’t have one already
Paper plates (sturdy ones!)
Grocery Store –  Any store you can order food at ahead of
time  (day of party)
1 sandwich ring (split into different types)
1 large hot wing platter
1 regular
Extra dips for wings
Several bags of ice
Order Online –  You can get most of these, except the mold, at
Walmart/local, just depends what type and quality you want
*fancy* ashtray, if you are so inclined
Ice Ball Mold – From
Assorted glassware for the different drinks if you don’t
have them on hand. The Dollar tree is a great back up if you can’t get to
It may sound like a lot, but I promise, the hardest thing
you have to do is decide what food (if any) you want to pick up and have.
The night before, pull out an extra cooler, and start
the chili. If you can, put mugs/cups in the freezer to chill overnight. Think
frosty beer mugs!
Put any of the beer or drinks that need to be chilled in the
The day of your party: stop by the store about an
hour or so before you are expecting people, and pick up the hot food and the
Toss the water bottles and the ice in the cooler. Oh and
take out the trash beforehand, so it’s an easy clean up later.
Images Used:
Ice Ball Mold – From
Quick Crock Pot Chili – Recipe from
Chocolate and Carrots
This event is designed by The Sparkle Queen Events. Image sources
are hyperlinked in the text for easier accessibility.
As with all Sparkle Queen Events, I want to inspire you to make
your event extra special. While many of the items I include in my event designs
are tutorials, recipes, or handmade… use your imagination! Sometimes you can’t
make everything yourself, or you can make things that you could buy, but the
key is to find the right balance for you and your event, and strive to make it

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