How To: Gold and White Snowflake Wreath

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas……at my place!
Today I’m going to show you how to make this lovely white
and gold snowflake wreath!
Gold and White Snowflake Wreath
This project was almost completely made with materials I had
on hand, or were super cheap to get.
This is what I
needed to make this wreath
A wicker wreath (I got mine from The Dollar Store)
Metallic spray paints of your choice
Mesh ribbon of your choice
Thinner, wired ribbon of your choice (for the bow)
Glue gun
Several plastic snowflakes (from the Dollar Store, last
Rhinestones in accent color
A twist tie
The wreath that I purchased from the Dollar Tree was that
standard, wicker color. It was sort of tan, but nothing particularly stunning
for this look. So I took several different metallic spray paints and gave it a
few layers in different colors, slightly misting some areas with more gold or
silver than the other. This is what it ended up looking like:
Metallic Spray Painted Wreath
I took some of the gold mesh ribbon I had left over from my Christmas
garland for my front door
I shared with you yesterday, and did a rough draping
of how I wanted my ribbon to look on my wreath. Work on this as your glue gun
is heating up. This is how it started:
Ribbon Draping
Take one of the ends of your ribbon, and fold over the
edges. This end should be glue gunned on the BACK of the wreath, preferably in
the area that you will be covering the front have with an accent trim later.  You must move quickly if you are using the
mesh ribbon, my glue gun melted it really fast, 
so make sure you are ready to go when you start putting the glue down.
Here is how my wreath started:
Since I had a loose idea of how I wanted the ribbon to lie
on the wreath when I started glue gunning, I was able to get the ribbon attached
to the wreath pretty quickly. I ONLY glue gunned the ribbon to the BACK of the
wreath, which is what gives it that floating, loosely wrapped look.  Instead of just putting one little drop of
glue on the back, I suggest doing a light line on one of the woven pieces of
the wicker, and attaching the ribbon that way. It helps to create more of a
surface area for the ribbon to stick to. 
Here it is with just the ribbon:

After that, things move pretty quickly! For my accent bow
area, I glue gunned three plastic ornaments together with a light drop of hot
glue. You can see in the photo below the back of them, where I have attached
the bow to the center of them with a little silver twist tie. This is more of a
security route, as it will keep the bow attached to the snowflakes, and the
snowflakes attached to each other.
I couldn’t begin to really tell you how I made this bow; I
just kept watching the videos that
I linked yesterday
over and over until I came up with this lovely bow! But
I’ll tell you one thing, you do need both hands! You may notice little
yellow-gold rhinestones in the center of the snowflakes. Those are just
leftovers from another project that I glue gunned for a little extra sparkle!
Snowflake and Gold Accent Bow
Gold and White Snowflake Wreath
Think about how your wreath is going to hang, and lay out
your snowflakes and accent bow BEFORE you glue them on. When you find the
placement you like most, glue gun them on! This is how mine turned out:

With the pretty
garland I showed you how to make yesterday
, this is how my front door
My Front Door For Christmas 2012
This wreath is fun, sparkly, and very nontraditional. But you
know what? So is Christmas in Florida!
What do you think of this sparkly wreath?

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