How To: Fall Harvest Water Marble Nail Art

Hello there lovelies! While I am sad to announce that today
is the final post from me for the ManiCure Pinterest sweepstake program by Suave® and
Q-tips® series, there are still three days left to get your looks in and
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Now since week four is themed “intricate” looks, I thought I
would give you one BEAUTIFUL fall harvest-inspired water marble. 

I spent a lot of time playing with the colors and pattern
for this look to get the finished look to look like sparkly leaves. Look
closely, do you see it?

Before we get started, make sure to pin this easy reference

If you have never seen
or tried water marble nail art before, I don’t want you to be too scared to try
it! It LOOKS far more complicated then it actually is.  To help you get the best manicure possible,
check out some of my helpful references. This
shares my top 10 tips for a better water marble, and my Youtube channel
has plenty of video tutorials of the water marble nail art process in action.

Step One: Prep your nails! Make sure you have filed
and cleaned your nails and that that they are nice and squeaky clean. Now
normally with most manicures, I would advise you to make sure your skin was
super moisturized and hydrated. HOWEVER:
. It will ruin it and
make it incredibly difficult to complete. This is because your skin will be
going in the water where the polish is, and the two do not mix well. I can go
into this in more detail if you want, but pretty much: DON’T DO IT!
Apply a coat or two of a gold polish of your choice for the
base color.

Now having said that, make sure you have your Suave® Skin Solutions Smoothing
Body Lotion with Aloe on hand for afterwards. Your Skins is going to NEED the extra aloe and help later.
Step Two: After prepping your nails with their base
color it is time to get your work area ready. Things you will need, a
disposable cup, room temperature filtered water (or distilled water), paper
towels, tape, scissors,  nail polish
remover, two skewers, and  Q-tips® Precision
Tips™ cotton swabs.  The Q-tips®
Precision Tips™ cotton swabs are a must have for this cleanup process. The
precise coverage you have when cleaning up with these will be so helpful later
It is absolutely critical that you set up your work area
now. Once your nails are wet or drying, you won’t want to be looking for these
things, as it is difficult to “touch up” a look like this.

Step Three:  Tape
time! If you’ve not tried a water marble look before, let me just say this: DO
! You (and your skin!) will immediately regret it once you
have dunked your nails in the water.
Use one strip of tape to go from one side of your nail
cuticle (as close as you can), up and AROUND your nail, close to the underside
of your nail tips, and back down the other side. Apply a second piece around
the base or bottom of your nail, connecting the two ends on the back of your
More than likely, you won’t be able to do them all at the
same time. Shoot for doing at least 3-4 t a time if you can.
Step Four: Now the fun part: the design! Start
dropping your polishes into your water creating a bull’s-eye like pattern.
Then, use your skewers to create the design of your choice.  Gently use the tip of your skewer to pull the
polish lightly from one direction to the other. Dunk one to two fingers at a
time and slowly slide them out. Cut off tape and gently peel it off.

Step Five: Clean up time! Dab your Q-tips®
Precision Tips cotton swab into a
little polish remover, and start tidying up those cuticles! They are just the
right size to really get in and around your nails, and make clean up super
easy. You are going to be so thankful you have the Q-tips® Precision Tips cotton swabs for this look!

Step Six: Rinse off the polish remover pat your nails
dry and apply your favorite top coat.  Finish
off this intricate manicure with the a little more Suave® Skin Solutions Smoothing Body Lotion with Aloe by
applying it to a clean Q-tips® Precision Tips cotton swab and applying around your cuticles and

Don’t forget, there are still a few days left to enter, so
get to it!
Win this!
Here are a few of my favorite shots of this mani:

This post was created in connection with my appointment as
an Influencer for Suave® and Q-Tips®.
Visit for the chance to win
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  1. Beautiful manicure!!!! I noticed there was one step that I do after dipping my nail in the water is to use a Precision Tip to clear the surface of the water before slowly pulling the finger out. This procedure will keep the excess polish from adhering to the design.

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