How to EASILY Remove Glitter Nail Polish!

Hello Darlings!
I feel like I get this question a lot, and wanted to share
with you my not-so-secret tip! I hear a lot of 

“I love using glitter polish,
but it takes FOREVER to get off,”


“I really want to do some cool nail art,
but all the extra polish is just going to take a lot more effort to get off.” 

As far as I can tell, a simple two coat polish job or a glitter-heavy manicure
takes the same amount of time and effort to remove. I put together this basic
visual aide to help you see what I do:
It really is pretty basic. Nothing fancy. Usually once you
see or hear about it once, it kind of clicks and you have that moment of “why
didn’t I think of that!” Remember my Avengers Inspired Nail Art I made for
the movie release?
Yes this one:
I went and had myself a nice Pinterest browsing session and my
nails came clean in less than 10 minutes while I found my next design
inspiration. I didn’t waste cotton balls, or get a headache from the acetone
while scrubbing away. I pretty much just sat at the computer. I should have
saved the cotton balls to show you guys, but it literally kept the design on my
nail, on the cotton ball! It’s like it just sucked it right off, it was pretty
Honey Lushy, a fellow Beauty Blogger, also has had great
results using this method. I love her step by step guide, and I hope you checkit out and really get a visual of how to do it. She wraps her fingers and tips
with the foil. Personally, I tend to just wrap the foil like you would a band
aid and never have any problems.
Because I tend to do my nails a lot, or at least use the
glitter polishes a LITTLE more than most (I know, but of an understatement!) I
keep the foil I used in a little baggie, and just put it in my nail art bin.
Tryin’ to keep it green over here!
Have you tried this method before? Or heard of it? Try it
out next time, I’m sure you will be amazed with how easy it is!
The Sparkle Queen

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