How To: Cute Monsters Nail Art

Hi lovelies!
Can you believe we are already on the fourth and final week
of the ManiCure Pinterest sweepstake program by Suave® and Q-tips®?  That means there will only be one more post
after this one (next Tuesday!) but also you only have a few more days to enter
You can do so by sharing your nail art looks on the Suave Beauty on Facebook to enter
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ultimate day of beauty and style. Don’t forget to “pin” the final look from the
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Ok, now that you know how to enter (which you should do
ASAP!), let’s get to the nails! The theme for the last week is “intricate” nail
art designs.  I’m not even going to tease
you with the detail of my first look, just see it for yourself:

Yeah, pretty intense right? Don’t be scared though:  I’m going to be explaining below how to get
this look after THIS picture that you can pin and reference at your leisure:

Deep breathing, you can do this!
Step One: Prep your nails! Clean filed nails, moisturized
skin and cuticles, and a strong base coat are a must.  I love the Suave® Skin Solutions Soothing Body Lotion with Aloe for
these types of skin-stressing looks.
Hopefully you’ve been taking good care of your nails and
moisturizing before AND after a manicure, but if you don’t know already:  starting off your
manicure with strong and healthy nails is the key to better manicures and happy
nails. Take care of your skin and nails so they will look their best for you! 

After moisturizing, clean the surfaces of the nails with a
Q-tips® Precision Tips™ cotton swab dipped in remover or alcohol and then apply
your base color. To be clear, not your base coat, which you should always use
first. I’m talking about the base color. In this look I used several different
base colors, but feel free to mix and match color combinations to your liking

Step Two: Details Part One. Think of this layer as
the foundation details. You are making the outlines and general shapes of the
cute little monsters for this look. If you aren’t comfortable free handing
this, it may be worth it to practice on a fake nail or two just to make sure
you get THE precise look you are going for.

These are what my monsters
foundations look like:

Step Three:  Details
Part Two. This should go without saying, but if you have ANY doubt that your
polish is still wet, WAIT. Especially in a detailed look like this, you don’t
want to smudge it later because the polish hasn’t had time to dry. It’s worth
waiting the extra few minutes.
Anyways, more details. For my monsters, this step was about
laying the foundation details for the eye areas. I used several different sized
dotting tools to create the white areas. It was really fun changing up the size
of the eyes for the different creatures, it really changed the effect of them,
so don’t hesitate to mix it up a little! Using a WHITE polish, create your
white dots and let them dry.
You may have to double up on coverage depending on the
polish you use to get an opaque white finish.

Step Four: Nearly done! Using a smaller dotting tool
than whatever you used to apply your white areas, use black polish to complete
the eyes. Don’t worry if you miss and it is a little off center, monsters can
have lazy eyes too! 
I’ve also added in a few little details (like in the pinky
and thumb) for the mouth. A simple striping brush helped make these looks.
Totally optional though!

Step Five: Time for top coat and clean up time! After
making sure your polish is completely dry, use your favorite top coat to seal
in your monsters. Then, dab your Q-tips® Precision Tips cotton swab into a little polish remover, and start
tidying up those cuticles! They are just the right size to really get in and
around your nails, and make clean up super easy, which is important for
creating the complete look. 
Use these!

Step Six
Rinse off the polish remover pat your nails dry (don’t rub them!).
Finish off this intricate manicure with the a little more Suave® Skin Solutions Soothing
Body Lotion with Aloe by applying it to a clean Q-tips® Precision Tips cotton swab and massaging around your
cuticles and fingers. Your skin will thank you for it later!

Tuesday is the last installment in this series!  Don’t forget to enter the ManiCure Pinterest sweeps
by Suave®
Skin Solutions and Q-tips® Precision Tips
cotton swabs
Here are a few of my favorite shots of this look:

This post was created in connection with my appointment as
an Influencer for Suave® and Q-Tips®.
Visit for the chance to win
Suave® Skin Solutions Body Lotions and Q-tips® Precision Tips™ cotton swabs or
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