How To: 3D Pearl Nails

Well that

I’ve got a
new nail art tutorial for you today. This week’s theme in the ManiCure
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Suave® Skin
Solutions Body Lotions and Q-tips® Precision Tips
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is all things
textured nails. How cool!

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Since this
week’s theme is all about texture, I thought a fun look like this would be
PERFECT! What I love about these faux-pearl stones is that they create a fun 3D
effect over the textured glitter polish, but don’t snag on things like some of
the other 3d nail adornments do. These are fun AND versatile!

Let’s get to
the nails! Now, here is the easy to pin and reference how to:

If you want
a more detailed explanation, read on:

Step One: Prep your nails! Clean filed nails,
moisturized skin and cuticles, and a strong base coat are a must. This simple
routine helps keep your skin soft, and your nails strong!  The
Suave® Skin Solutions
Smoothing Body Lotion with cocoa and shea butters
is still my go-to favorite at the moment because it
smells great and leaves my skin feeling soft and silky smooth. All of those
nutrients it is packed with works WONDERS on my hands. 

Instead of a
traditional base coat, I’ve used a light pearlescent polish as a base.

Step Two: Apply your base color. Not to be
confused with your base coat (which is typically clear). In this look, I’m
using two coats of a very chunky glitter in an off white finish.

:  Time to add your pearls! Remember how we
added the rhinestones to the sparkly nude nail art look last week? (INSERT HYPERLINK TO OLD POST) We are going to do that
again! It really depends on what size pearls you decide to use. If you are
using a mix variety of sizes, you may have to use a dotting tool to help pick
up the itty bitty ones.

you missed that post I’ll sum it up for you: apply a coat of your sparkle
polish again to your nail. Put a drop of it on a non-porous surface, and dip
Q-tips® Precision Tipscotton swabs in it lightly. This will make
it sticky, and help you pick up and place your pearls easily into the still wet
nail polish on your finger. 

Start adding scatter pearls over you nail to your
liking. Repeat adding a layer of polish and applying your pearls to the nails
one at a time, or else the polish will dry and the pearls won’t stick to your
nail, and we can’t have that!

Step Four:  Tidy up time! After you
have finished covering all of your nails in pearls (or maybe an accent nail if
you want to tone it down a bit!), seal them in with a nice top coat. Use one
that is super liquidly, and go crazy with the coverage. Don’t worry about
getting it on your cuticles, because the
Q-tips® Precision Tips cotton swabs will make
that a breeze to clean up with a touch of polish remover. 
Use these to clean up!
Win this!

Step Five:  If you are anything like me, you probably went
crazy with the top coat and got it all over your skin, and had to use a TON of
remover to get it off. Rinse all those chemicals off, and re-hydrate your skin
with some nourishing lotion. I love the scent and silky finish of Suave® Skin
Solutions Body Lotion with Cocoa Butter & Shea. If you are a little worried
about getting it on all of your pearls, use one of the Q-tips® Precision Tips™
cotton swabs with a small drop of lotion on it, and swab it around your nail.
It works great!

Step Six: Relax and ENJOY! You’ll find it hard to resist running your
fingers on your skin. The pearls are a fun texture, and certainly not something
you are used to feeling, but they look SO cool. Try and enjoy rocking a fun
textured nail.

sure to check back soon for the next exciting nail art look in this series! You
are going to LOVE the next textured nail art look I’ve got for you on Tuesday.
Let’s just say, sparkly is an understatement!

post was created in connection with my role as an Influencer for Suave® and

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