#hepicksmypolish Under the Sea Bling – Nail Art Challenge

I’ve got another challenge post for you today! If you missed
the first one, and have no idea what I am talking about, that is ok! You can
check it out here
or you can just read this quick recap. In short, it’s hard to decide what you
want to do on your nails sometimes when you have so many options to pick from.
So I’ve enlisted the help of my fiancé, and given him the duty of picking 1-3
polishes of his choosing, and then using those to create a new nail art look.
#hepicksmypolish Under the Sea Bling
The polishes I was dealt for this week were:
Sally Hansen – #200 “Strobe Light”
Finer Paints – #806697 “Late Night Rendezvous”
And I added in for a little extra touch:
Cover Girl #410 “Amethyst Mist”
I was so relieved with the polishes he picked for this week.
Last week’s ones were, well less than ideal. (You can read that post here)
But I loved the potential for this week’s polishes the second I saw his
#hepicksmypolish Under the Sea Bling

#hepicksmypolish Under the Sea Bling
Immediately I thought about doing something fun and blingy,
at which point I came up with the theme “Underwater Bling”. It’s got a fun fantasy
feeling to it, but still super pretty and absolutely brilliant in the sun.
Actually, here is a picture we snapped on a walk. Check out that sparkle and
#hepicksmypolish Under the Sea Bling
Can’t really complain about that kind of sparkle now can ya’!
Here are two more picture that I snapped that really show off the look well. You can also see how I used the pink glitter as a gradient coming from the base of the nails upwards. 
#hepicksmypolish Under the Sea Bling

#hepicksmypolish Under the Sea Bling
***PS: Sing along with us, you know you want to:***

I’m really enjoying this challenge so far! If you would like
to join in, please do! Here are some of the details and inlinkz codes for you
to share. Or, if you aren’t a blogger, tweet your pictures at me using
#hepicksmypolish or share them on Facebook with me! I’d love to see what you make!


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  1. Love this!!! I keep singing "Under the Sea", in Sebastian's voice of course. So pretty! And as a fellow glitter-ite, you know I love the bling!!! Fiancé did a fabulous job!! This week, lol.

    1. Hahaha that is awesome! I'm adding a little snippet of that song in the post asap so everyone can sing along lol. I consider myself lucky this week, next week however, could be a whole other story! Thanks for popping by 🙂

  2. This is sooooo pretty! I love the extra bling. The Little Mermaid is my favorite Disney movie… I was so excited to see this. You know I was diggin the music too!

    Did your fiance pick out the bling too? I might have to have my guy pick out some nail art stuffs too!

    1. Oh good! I'm glad you like it. LOL did my fiance pick out the bling….not quite yet. I have little stashes all over our place with my polishes since I don't have one proper place for them all. And he keeps forgetting where they are all at when he picks out the polishes. Even I sometimes forget, but then he has to try and remember where I've squirreled them all off to. I'd figure I'd be nice and not overwhelm him with my bins on nail art "extras" as I call them. Baby steps lol.

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