#HePicksMyPolish September Challenge

I am super excited to announce a new challenge that I extend
to each and every one of you: the #HePicksMyPolish challenge!
Throughout all of September, you are welcome to participate
and share in the #HePicksMyPolish challenge with us!
Now I know a lot of you are ALSO addicted to Pinterest, so
I’ve made up some graphics so you can keep this on your to do list easily!
Here is how #HePicksMyPolish works:

Who is the “he” in #HePicksMyPolish?

And, if you prefer video formatting, I made a quick-ish explanation of the challenge here:

Now, you can share using the inlinkz code down below (which
will be where all of the posts are tagged and lined up!) or you can use #HePicksMyPolish
Oh- and don’t forget to share some pictures with me! I’d
love to see how your manicures come out. Tweet at me or share them on my
Facebook page!

Bloggers: click THIS LINK to be taken to the Inlinkz code page for this challenge.


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    1. Hey Alice!

      You can post whenever, how ever many times you want! Just add the inlinkz code at the bottom of your posts so it goes into the line up! It is open to any blogger (or anyone who can tag a photo really). Can't wait to see your nails!

  1. I had a quick question. I was able to add my post to your inlinkz line up. But Im not finding a code that I can add to the end of my actual blog so that the othr post can be linked to mine. Am I doing something wrong?

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