Green on White Shimmer Glitter Look

Is it hot where you are? It has been in the mid 80’s here
pretty consistently. Honestly, it’s felt like pre summer here since January, so
I guess I shouldn’t be complaining, but it’s WARM in the sun! In an effort to
try and enjoy this “spring” season however distant it may actually be, I
decided to try a simple and shimmery look.
A light basecoat of white polish, topped with 2 thin layers
of my “Bloom” polish (part of my Shimmery Spring collection) is what creates
this simple but pretty look. I love the polishes from the Shimmery Spring line because
they have actual glitter, but also lots of subtle iridescent glitter going on
in the background.
If you aren’t familiar with my Princess Glamour nail polish
line, or my Shimmery Springs collection, you can check out the original post here.

“Bloom” Princess Glamour

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