Green Christmas Marbled Nail Art

Hello Darlings!
I have been doing some MAJOR revamping of my Pinterest boards, particularly my Nail Art ones the last few days.  I had put aside time to create some festive nails, went to go look at inspiration on my Nail Art board, only to have hundreds of ideas for all sorts of different nail art. It had not occurred to me how many pins I had in that one little board. Hours later, I have successfully made sever themed mini Nail Art boards for different times of the year, or different types of nail art. If you are looking for any Christmas (or winter) Nail Art, check out this board now. Lots of great ideas!   
Green is my FAVORITE color, and I haven’t seen much of it used in the Christmas Nail Art collections I’ve seen, so I did a quick two color marble session. All I used was Sinful’s San Francisco and Tokyo Pearl. I did a quick base coat of the pearly white, marbled (quite quickly actually!) and a clear coat top coat to seal it off. It came out a bit lighter than I was hoping for, even though I used significantly more green than white, but I still love it!

More Christmas Nail Art to come soon!
The Sparkle Queen

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