Gothic Nail Art – FingerFood’s Theme Buffet

It feels like it’s been FOREVER since I’ve joined in on the weekly challenge that Sam over at FingerFood Nails is hosting! And I suppose it has…… But I’m back, at least for this week! And the theme of the week is “Gothic”. I’ll be honest, I was a total art kid in high school, but I never really got into the “goth” look, so this is a new look and style for me, and most certainly a challenge. This is what I came up with:
I’m actually quite pleased with how they turned out. There’s almost a leathery look to the nails in person that didn’t quite get picked up on the camera.


For this look, I used Kleancolor #6 “Charcoal” (the metallic base), paired with Kleancolor #189 “Red-Hot” (chunky glitter) mixed with Orly #40721 “Star Spangled” all topped with a matte finish.


At the last minute I wanted to add a touch more, and decided to put black dots with black rhinestones in a light flourish type design. In my mind I was thinking about the old Victorian iron gates with their swirls and designs, and tried to play on that a little. If you are interested in joining in on future challenges, these are the prompts:


And of course, I encourage you to join in the Facebook group with all of the other ladies participating in the challenge.


See all of the great looks in this week’s challenge:

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  1. Love, love love! That red and glitter gradient on the tips is absolutely amazing, and I adore the leathery look. Somehow this manicure manages to look both edgy AND classy. It was DEFINITELY one of my favorite looks from the Theme Buffet this week

    1. Totally fits to the goth theme! I'm in looove with this nail art, definitely something I'd want to wear. Great choice to add the black rhinestones, I think they make this nail art stand out so much more! Also love the matte finish here in combination with the shiny rhinestones. Everything is just puuurfect *__*

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