Glittery Summer Night Gradient Nails

Glittery Summer Night Gradient Nails

You know the movie Grease right? Ok, well you should if you
don’t. And for those of you who do: you know the song “summer nights” they sing
towards the beginning? Google is full of results that should spur your
memory.  Anyways……

For whatever reason, once I started doing this manicure,
this damn song got stuck in my head! I could not for the life of me figure out
why. This is what led me to add the silver crescent moon rhinestones to the
look. I realize that black nails would not exactly have worked on the set of
Grease, but these are my glittery adaptation of that song, in nail art format!
Really, they are a super simple glitter gradient, but I just
adore them. The moons give them something extra too. These nails are also part of the Step Into Summer challenge
created by the fine ladies of Hobby Polish Bloggers. Here is what the challenge
is consisting of:

Make sure you are subscribed to the blog; I’m going to be
sharing a tutorial on how to get this easy look soon!

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