Glitter Is On Trend For Summer 2013!

Yay! Every few years it seems that glitter and all things
shiny start becoming the center of the must have trend lists, and I think this
is one of those year! Bright colors and glitter seem to be popping up
everywhere and I couldn’t be more excited.
In several of my upcoming nail art tutorials and looks, I am going to be featuring polishes from my “Wishes” nail polish line Princess Glamour.  These are all hand blended, dazzling polish that I absolutely LOVE!  Here are some pictures of the entire collection:

If you love seeing video coverage of swatches and views,
check out my product overview video that includes commentary and swatches:
All of my polishes are of course hand mixed by me, but made in limited-edition micro batches. All that I have left is listed on my Etsy shop, here, so make sure to snag the ones you like before they are sold out! 

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