Geometric Nails…

…also known as my “Fail Geometric Nails” in my head.

Let me rewind a little: I am still painting on falsies, till
either I give in or my nails get better, whichever comes first.
I entered Fingerfood’s
Theme Buffet
weekly challenge, because the prompts are so fun:

And as you learned
last week
, I’m trying to expand my horizons this year. So I figured since I
never use color blocking, and I’m not a big pastel fan, AND I never really use
matte, I can at least mix those altogether somehow right? WRONG. Oh, so wrong.

I hate these in so many ways….but am glad I tried something
new. Or a few new things even. What do you think of them? It’s OK, you can say
they are a hot mess!

See what other geometric beauties the other ladies shared:

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  1. I think these are great even like this, but the simple change of making them shiny might have made them just a little bit nicer =) How about adding a shiny topcoat to one now to see? (If you haven't thrown them out that is…) Thank you for sharing =)

  2. I really like the fact that they aren't really "color blocking" as there is a thin line (stripping tape I guess ? :)) between each colors ! I might try this soon !

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