Geometric Fall Bronze Glitter Nails

Geometric Fall Bronze Glitter Nails

Happy Wednesday, lovelies!

I hope you are enjoying your fall season as it begins, and know that I’m totally jealous of any actual fall foliage you are getting. It’s still 90 here in Florida, and raining. Everything is green and sunny and WARM. It’s sad, but for that hour or so after it rains and it’s 82 out, I actually go out and think “Oh, I’m going to need a hoodie before going too much farther.” Someday I’ll be able to really get into those super cute fall outfits I’m seeing everyone rock on Pinterest, but when it’s hot and humid out, I’m going to have to give you a raincheck on that.

But alas, it’s not hot out enough for me to NOT try and celebrate fall. So in honor of the slightly cooler weather we are having, I put together these simple but sparkly, geometric,  fall bronze glitter nails:

Geometric Fall Bronze Glitter Nails

The polishes used were China Glaze #1129 “Harvest Moon” (the pretty bronze!) and Princess Glamour – “One in a Million” glitter topcoat.  Kleancolor makes the green I used, but I don’t recommend it (it stains SO BAD).

Simple, but pretty! What are you rocking on your nails? Come share them with everyone on Facebook!

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  1. Love these Alessandra! I’ve got some similar little studs and was wondering what to do with them and these have inspired me 🙂
    We haven’t got the fall foliage yet but I’m sure it’ll be on its way soon. Trust me, I’m envious of your heat! x

    1. Oh, I suppose that makes sense. I’m not sure what I would do with the snow and frost. I’m used to seeing green palm trees and grass year round here.

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