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Hello Darlings!
Not too long ago I was at Walt Disney World Resort, wandering around Epcot, and went on one of my favorite Disney rides ever: Living with the Land in the Land Pavilion. I always get off of that ride and go “Man, I reeeaaallllly want to have a garden like THAT someday!” Here are some of the inspirational things they have in the works there:

I’ll be planting some new seeds for this growing season soon. Sadly nothing as cool as some of the Disney hydroponic gardens, but my little apartment porch can only hold so much. I am trying some new seeds this season, so wish me luck!
The Sparkle Queen

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    1. Oh you are most welcome! Glad you liked it! I hope go back soon, hopefully during the Flower and Garden show and get some more great ideas and inspiration to share! Thanks for looking!!

  1. If you liked the ride, you should look into the tour, – behind the seeds- you get to walk around and see the plants up close.

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