Florida Style Christmas Lights

You know what part of the US doesn’t get snow, or cold or any of that weather-y nonsense? Florida.

And as it so happens, that is where I live! 

So far, “winter” has gotten as cold as MAYBE 65 one day, so far. But we have been dealing with mostly mid 70s, low 80s for most of this “winter” thus far.
And while we may not get snow for Christmas, or ever, we can do a lot with out Christmas lights and not have to worry about the weather!
I filmed a neighborhood near me that has some of the coolest Christmas light displays. Several of the houses have walk-through set ups, where you can literally walk through their property and gaze at all sorts of lights galore.
There is also several houses that have massive, diorama type set ups of Christmas villages with miniature towns  constructed and on display. I think they are pretty impressive! Lots of work and dedication go into making these displays, and their work pays off. 
See my video of it here:

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