Festival of Trees 2012

Have you ever been to the Festival of Trees? It is held each
year in Orlando, at the Orlando Museum of Art. It is an AMAZING 10 daylong
event, with so many different facets to it. There is a gala, a night out for
the kids, a jazz stroll, all ON TOP of the magnificent display of trees.  I took SO many pictures, probably too many,
but the trees were just so gorgeous! I am always so inspired just walking
around the museum.
Since there are just SO MANY pictures of trees, wreaths, and
gingerbread houses, I decided to split them up into several posts. This is the
first of several upcoming posts!
Now, the most important part: the trees! P.S. – Keep an eye out for the peacock trees, a tree and vignette put together by Disney for the new opening of Fantasyland, and the unconventional tree!
Festival of Trees 2012

Have any of these trees inspired you for your own holiday
tree? Don’t forget to pin your favorites for next year!

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    1. It is really just, overwhelmingly beautiful walking around. The theme of this year's Festival was fairy-tale, and people did every end of the spectrum with it. I'll be posting again tomorrow even MORE pictures. I still have more trees to share, some wreaths, and gingerbread houses!

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