Fall Water Marble Nail Art

I know it’s not an official holiday or anything, but it
seems like it is more “fall like” now than it was when it was in September.
Something about the name of the month seems to play a part in determining
seasons I guess. I really don’t know why I’m that excited, I live in Florida, and
we have 2 seasons: hot and slightly less hot but we think it’s freezing, for
like a month, and then it’s back to warm tropical weather!
Anyways, to kick of the new season, I present to you an autumn inspired water marble:
Fall Water Marble Nail Art

Fall Water Marble Nail Art
I apologize, I know the pics are a little blurry! Sorry
about that!
Fall Water Marble Nail Art

Fall Water Marble Nail Art

But I think you get the gist of the manicure.
As you probably imagined by now, I did not do the dots in
the water marble. They came afterwards with my dotting tool to add a little
something extra.
This one was taken with the FX camera app on my phone:
Fall Water Marble Nail Art

What do you think of this water marble?
The Sparkle Queen

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  1. Cute! I've seen marbling done but this is a very unique look. Love the white with the fewer marbling lines and simpler look, and the dots are fun! I have this China Glaze brown also, wasn't sure if it would marble well. Nice fall mani!

    1. Thanks Shannon 🙂 I love trying different techniques! China Glaze (or at least the ones I have) tend to be some of the "better" marble friendly brands. I've actually not had a lot of luck with the OPI's that I have. Wet n' Wild also *usually* works surprisingly well.

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