Etsy Treasury Tuesday: I Love GOLD…In My Kitchen!

Today is another installment of Etsy Treasury Tuesday, where we ooh and ahhh over some of the beautiful items up for sale on Etsy! This week’s collection is inspired by one of my favorite colors: gold. Shocking I know.  I’m a huge believer of “casual gold” in the home. You know, not that decked out palace – everything is encrusted with gold filigree look. More of, a hint of gold accents throughout the home.

And honestly, while we are talking about it: why isn’t there more gold in the kitchen? What do you think?

Since my normal Treasury link tool is having some technical difficulties at the moment, I’m trying an alternative route to sharing. But don’t worry, you can see all of the details about each and every item in this treasury by clicking here to go straight to the treasury on Etsy.

Do you see yourself having a kitchen with hints of gold in it ever?

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