Epcot’s Flower & Garden Show 2012 at Walt Disney World Resort

Hello Darlings!

I have just gotten back from a marvelous day at Epcot and have thoroughly enjoyed this years Flower & Garden show! There are so many fantastic aspects to the show. I love the seminars and demonstrations that you can sit in on, but I REALLY love getting to see all of the beautiful flowers and arrangements that the talented folks at Disney make so well. I know not everyone can go see it in person (which I highly recommend you do at some point in your life) so I figured I would share just a small snip-it of pictures I took while I was there:

Epcot Flower And Garden Show 2012
Epcot Flower And Garden Show 2012

Whew! Lots of pictures! I hope you enjoyed looking at these beautiful pictures! The topiaries are really something special this year. If you are thinking about going or have any questions, I’d love help! Just ask here or on my Facebook wall 🙂


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