Enter…. The Sparkle Queen!

Hello Darlings!

The Sparkle Queen

I am SOOO excited to be announcing my newest endeavor! I
have decided to rename and rebrand a little. Sparkly Sharp and Fabulous has been officially renamed to The Sparkle Queen.

Believe it or not, this August will mark the one year anniversary
of my blog. When I started Sparkly Sharp
and Fabulous,
my original intent was to primarily share tutorials of my
latest creations and projects. As I’ve continued developing and posting, I have
really enjoyed including other types of content on my site. I’ve been doing
more Nail Art lately instead of more “Project Projects”. I’ve loved sharing my
thoughts and opinions on some of my favorite shows like Project Runway and
Project Accessory. I’ve also been creating and adding items regularly to my
Etsy shop, finding piles of inspiration on Pinterest, and sharing some of my
favorite finds on Facebook with you!
The idea of rebranding had actually been festering in the
back of my brain for a good month or so now. You may have noticed even in May,
that there weren’t nearly as many posts as usual. Partially because I was
focusing on making some great stuff for my Etsy store, but mostly because I was
trying to decide what direction I really wanted to go. I was on the fence on
what direction I really wanted to go. Should I focus on nail art, food recipes,
or maybe just keep it diy projects?  Do
you want to know what helped me make up my mind? Pinterest. Yeah, that same
Pinterest that is almost overwhelming with the sheer amount of ideas and
inspiration it has.
I had been getting so much positive feedback and comment
from people loving my pins, my style, all of my various boards that I had put
together. I never started my Pinterest account (or any of my sites) so piles of
people would follow me. I just wanted a place to pin the things I saw online,
and loved! It was such a fantastic feeling knowing that so many people loved the
same stuff that I do.
Having said all that, I suppose one could argue it was a
combination all of my fantastic followers here, on Facebook, and on Pinterest
that really inspired me to make the change. From here on out, I am not going to
be a “beauty blog” or a “crafty blog” or a “tip blog” only. The Sparkle Queen is going to be one big
sparkly blog, full of all of the ideas and inspiration I find, the nail art I
make, the projects I try, and the opinions I have to share.  It is going to be a little bit of everything,
because I love a little bit of everything, and simply can’t be tied down to
just one genre!
I sincerely thank each and every one of you who have
supported me thus far, and look forward to sharing more projects and posts with
you in the future! As always, if there is anything in particular you would like
to see more of, do not hesitate to let me know! Leave a comment or post on
Facebook, and I’ll do what I can to make it happen!
The Sparkle Queen

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